Quick Service Restaurant POS

Where all your QSR restaurant technology comes together.

When Speed and Reliability Matter Most.

Quick service restaurants rely on speed and accuracy to delight their customers every day. Roughly 70% of a QSR’s business will come via the drive-thru, so it’s more important than ever for restaurant staff to send out the right food to their customers as quickly as possible.

Most customers and restaurant operators believe having the right technology in place makes for a better overall experience. That means everything, including the point of sale system used, needs to be efficient.



PAR’s point of sale software is powerful enough to keep up with the daily grind but versatile enough to accommodate more than 100 integration partners. From online ordering and daily staffing to accounting and kitchen display systems, having the right technology in place can reduce food delivery times and increase accuracy.

Our products are proven in the most hectic kitchens and behind the busiest counters, which is why we’re trusted by some of the biggest names in the quick service space.

Happy Restaurant Customer

Flexible Promotion and Discounts

Delight your guests.

Coupons, limited-time offers, and other promotional items are easy to accommodate with PAR’s POS software.

Make menu modifications across your entire network in seconds and engage both new and recurring customers with special discounts and offers.

Conversational Ordering

Increase check averages and the guest experience at the same time.

Customers don’t order menu items all the same way, and your POS should be able to adapt to any type of ordering style. 

Improve order accuracy and speed of service by building orders as they’re given by the customer.

Barista Serving a Customer

"A Seamless Transition"

"When PAR acquired Brink in 2014, there was a sense of longevity provided by PAR’s long history in the POS field. The monthly subscription service also meant that each month Brink would need to earn our business. We felt this was an important confirmation to PAR’s commitment to providing an excellent product both at launch and going forward. PAR has been such a great partner, and the Brink solution provided a seamless transition for our restaurants."

- Celton Hayden, Jr.

President & CEO, CC’s Coffee House