Brink POS®

Leave Behind Legacy Technology and Unleash Your True Potential with Brink POS®.

PAR Terminal
PAR POS Terminal

All-in-One Solution 

Brink POS® is the preferred all-in-one restaurant point of sale solution, built for the Enterprise yet flexible enough for the independent restaurant owner, featuring a monthly SaaS subscription.

Designed for the Cloud

With its cloud-based architecture, Brink POS® increases awareness and creates an element of control for restaurant owners, operators, and franchisees. 
KDS Tablets
Drive-Thru Hardware


Select partners that are optimal for your business model and growth trajectory! 

Customized Menus

Customize your menu to match your restaurant and maintain consistency throughout all applications.
Configurable Reports

Configurable Reports

Complete insight into your operation, from anywhere.

Remote Management

Enjoy peace of mind while we remotely act as an additional layer of technical support for your restaurant. 
After speaking with other businesses using Brink, we felt comfort and reassurance that Brink was the right choice for Duck Donuts. Being a franchise business, our first priority is to support our franchisees and provide them with easy to use, cost effective tools that will help them run their business effectively. We are confident Brink will provide the POS support we need as we work towards our current and future goals for the business.– Gary McAneney President, Duck Donuts Franchising Company.