All in One Drive-Thru Headsets & Intercom Systems

A complete drive-thru headset system designed to give your Quick Service Restaurant a competitive edge.


Making sure drive-thru restaurant orders are handled quickly and accurately is an excellent way to improve the QSR customer experience and keep guests coming back. Now, PAR is helping you tap into the full potential of your drive-thru with an all-in-one communication system that combines unmatched sound clarity with rock-solid reliability.

PAR’s all-in-one headset combines the ergonomic support you want with the technology you need, allowing employees to increase speed of service while maintaining overall order accuracy.

Say Goodbye to Downtime.


  • Stay Powered Up All Day Long

    You have enough on your plate without having to worry about misplaced or lost batteries. With the G5 drive-thru system, there is no need to remove batteries when you need to recharge.

  • Self-Service in a Snap

    Take service into your own hands and reduce downtime with the G5's unique modular wireless headset design. You can quickly remove the control pod from the carrier and swap to a new carrier in seconds.

PAR Drive-Thru Basestation G5

Smarter Sound
• Advanced Noise Reduction delivers superior sound quality for the order taker at the menu post.
• Acoustic Echo Cancellation reduces echoes for clear communication and easier comprehension of customer orders.

Built-In Greeter
• Record up to 16 messages, each up to 10 seconds long.
• Use greeter messages to promote key items.

Keep your team on task with custom alerts and reminder messages
• Easily upgrade from single lane to dual lane on-site!

Color-Coded Drive-Thru Communications
• Lights built into the microphone alert order taker to vehicles in different lanes.
• Managers can see when customers are being served by the order taker.

PAR Drive-Thru G5 Accessories

The G5 is designed to keep your drive-thru moving quickly, ensure order accuracy and improve overall customer satisfaction. There are several options and accessories to keep your sound on point.

12-Slot Battery Charger
• Never worry about a dead battery again. Batteries feature life indicator buttons and headset messages, so employees will always know when they need to charge batteries.

Headset Charging Station
• Charge and store your headsets and batteries in one convenient location. You don’t even have to remove the batteries from the unit before charging!

Mic Boom Foam
• Microphone Boom Foam protects your mic from becoming clogged while still allowing vision to the mic’s mounted light system.

Drive-Thru Timers

Turn your drive-thru into a digital merchandising platform.
• Techknow timers are a perfect complement to PAR’s Drive-Thru System, but is compatible with most communication systems! Increase efficiency and decrease lost revenue resulting from slower order times.

Drive-Thru Circle Timer - PAR Technology

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