PAR Payment

Merchant Services for Restaurants

PAR Payment Services is…

Easy to onboard, use, and integrate with daily operations. No fuss.

Transparent on what’s included. Clear on what isn’t. No hidden fees.

Priced in a straight-forward and extremely competitive manner.  No teaser rates.

PAR Hardware and One-Time Services Funding

Eliminate up-front (CAPEX) costs by paying for PAR hardware and one-time services through PAR Payment Services.

Works with (or without) PAR™ Pay

PAR Payment Services supports PAR Pay – gateway services and devices as well as other third party-certified gateways and devices, allowing restaurants to use what they already have – saving them additional money.

24x7x365 Support

Our PAR Help Desk is always available with a highly experienced team of passionate and specialized professionals.

To speak with someone, call: 1.800.382.6200