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Ghost Kitchen Hero

A POS Software and Hardware Bundle Built for a New Kind of Restaurant

The rise of third-party delivery services is not lost on those working in the restaurant industry. According to recent statistics, delivery sales are slated to grow at triple the rate of in-store revenue through 2023. The biggest growth factor? Digital ordering and third-party food delivery services.

Although a majority of orders are still coming into restaurants through face-to-face interactions with guests, a growing number of orders are coming in through online and mobile sources without the customer ever being present. Third-party services like UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and Postmates are changing the way customers order food and altering the way traditional restaurants operate. The result is the need for a point of sale system that can accurately and quickly funnel orders into the kitchen but still allow them to be separated for pick-up by delivery platforms.

As more concepts explore the possibility of cloud, ghost, or dark kitchens, PAR is making the transition easier for restaurant owners and operators. We’ve adapted our best-in-breed Brink POS® solution into a full-service bundle that makes it easy for ghost kitchens to receive orders and process them in real-time without having to purchase a customer-facing terminal.

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One Seamless Ordering System

Brink POS® offers a streamlined solution for cloud, ghost or dark kitchens to simplify food delivery orders and maximizes the production facility footprint. 

The system comes fully integrated with “It’s A Checkmate,” allowing concepts to efficiently receive and aggregate third-party delivery orders from all of the major delivery services alongside your own online and mobile ordering platforms.

All orders are funneled into one queue, allowing kitchen staff to perform their jobs without having to deal with the hassle of multiple systems and order re-keying.

Adapted for Ghost Kitchens

Bundle PAR hardware and peripherals with our solution for your cloud, ghost, or dark kitchen to provide your restaurant with everything you want and nothing you don’t. Orders can be received in the kitchen on a printer or displayed on a PAR Kitchen Display System. Our omnichannel approach to developing Brink POS® ensures guests will have a consistent and great experience no matter how they order, pay for and receive their food.

This bundle is specifically tailored to fit the virtual restaurant business model, allowing restaurant operators to buy as little or as much equipment as they need. Every layout and kitchen setup is different, but with low upfront costs and equipment discounts based on what you buy, you can be sure you’ll get everything you need to accommodate every food delivery app available today and in the future.

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Control Food Production Across Brands

For concepts operating multiple brands from the same commercial kitchen space, Brink POS® for your cloud, ghost, or dark kitchens allows for brand-specific routing and revenue allocation by menu item, eliminating staff confusion and promoting efficient order advancement throughout the space. Less confusion means more accurate orders and happier guests.

Brink POS® also accounts for multiple assembly lines, allowing for load balancing across several stations. This optimized workflow lets cooks and kitchen staff produce high-quality food quickly without overloading the order queue.

Is Brink POS® for Your Cloud Kitchen?

Restaurants are evolving to meet rapidly changing consumer preferences. PAR is committed to continuously offering innovative technology solutions that help our customers get to tomorrow faster.– Paul Rubin Chief Strategy Officer, PAR Tech, Inc.