Fast Casual Restaurant POS

PAR provides point of sale systems fast enough to keep up with your growing brand.

Restaurant Management for Every Concept

Sales at fast casual restaurants currently account for roughly 10.5% of total restaurant industry market share in the United States. At a time when customers are looking for the perfect mix of quality, service, price and convenience, fast casual concepts are in the perfect position to thrive.

So, how does a fast casual restaurant continue to thrive? The keys lie in getting the most out of your workforce, automating as much as you can and streamlining as many processes as possible. Having access to a powerful and easily adaptable restaurant point of sale system can make scheduling easier, simplify inventory ordering and ensure you’re promoting the right menu items at the right time to maximize potential revenue.



PAR offers a variety of POS solutions, peripherals and kitchen display systems suitable for every restaurant concept, regardless of size. Personalize your offers for customers, develop an engaging loyalty program for customers to take advantage of and reduce costly mistakes with a few clicks of a button.

Why Choose PAR for Your Restaurant?

  • Cloud Solution

    Cloud Solution

    Brink cloud-based POS is a best-in-breed platform that even works offline

  • All-in-One Package

    All-in-One Package

    PAR’s durable hardware and peripherals provide a one-stop-shop approach to POS

  • Track Inventory

    Track Inventory

    Reduce waste, and monitor inventory easily, ordering only what you need

  • Flexible Service

    Flexible Service

    Personalized service plans are designed to address your unique challenges

PAR Tech Customer Service

Manage Everything, All at Once

Your all-in-one point of sale solution.

From top to bottom, PAR’s POS software can help you do everything from track inventory and schedule labor to analyze sales data and reduce overhead. Reduce costly mistakes while increasing your bottom line.

Delight your customers from the second they walk in with our built-in features and use the data you collect to make changes that can increase revenue.


Brink POS plays well with others.

Our software has plenty of native features to get your restaurant up and running, including loyalty and online ordering programs, but “one size fits all” doesn’t always work in the restaurant industry.

With more than 110 third-party integration partners, PAR’s point of sale software allows you to do anything you need to do. From back office management and shift scheduling to kiosks and online ordering and delivery, do it all with the help of our partners. 

Keep up with the current trends as the restaurant industry continues to evolve and unfold.

Restaurant POS Integration
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Increase Visibility into Your Restaurant

Understand your customer’s buying habits.

Having access to the right data means you can make better, more informed decisions. From daily sales totals to average check sizes and top performing menu items, see what sells and how best to position your restaurant for growth.

Know exactly what ingredients you have on hand and order those items more efficiently when you need them. Inventory tracking reduces food waste and saves money

Improve your revenue by seeing sales data in real time and make staffing decisions based on peak and low times. Better budgeting increaseprofits and reduces wasteful spending.

"Made Us More Profitable"

"The great thing about PAR is the reliability of the system, and the recovery speed has definitely made us more profitable and allowed us to get more people through the queue than we had before."

- Josh Patchus

Chief Data Scientist, Cava Grill