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Brink POS® 5.0c!

Brink POS® 5.0c

Brink POS® 5.0c introduces several Kitchen, Table Service, and specific integration partner enhancements to give operators more opportunities to innovate and win!

What You Should Know

Status Page

For automatic product notifications regarding software upgrades, system maintenance, and incidents that may affect you, please subscribe to updates on the Brink POS® Status Page.

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These short videos will teach you about the most recent updates to Brink POS® with the 5.0c software release.

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Admin Portal User Guide

See the latest updates to the Brink POS® 5.0c Admin Portal User Guide.

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Release Notes

For a full list of software changes and updates, check out the release notes for Brink POS® 5.0c.

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Urgent Notice Regarding Brink POS® 5.0c

Finger Scan Notice & Consent

We have previously communicated that Brink POS® has introduced a Finger Scanning Consent Authorization feature.

Notice and Consent Guide

Explains the Finger Scan Notice and Consent change and its impacts on new and existing employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Provides answers to common questions regarding the Finger Scan Notice and Consent feature in Brink POS®.

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Did you miss our Brink POS® 5.0c Features Webinar?

Watch the video to learn more about Brink POS® 5.0c!

Last, but not least!

Before performing your upgrade, check out our “Brink POS® Upgrade Best Practices” checklist to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

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