Welcome to Brink 5.0!

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Brink 5.0 for Brink POS software!

This upgrade introduces a host of new features to make administration of menu changes and day-to-day store operations run more smoothly. We will update this page as needed.

Make sure you receive product notifications, such as software upgrades and system maintenance, by signing up for email notifications within Admin Portal.

These five short videos will teach you the major operational updates to Brink with the 5.0 software release.

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For the full list of software changes and updates, read the release notes for Brink 5.0.

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You can also download this Changeset Publisher Reference Guide for help when you’re ready to start making menu changes.

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PAR Brink 5.0 POS Software Screenshot

Did you miss our Brink 5.0 New Features webinar?

Watch the video below to learn more about Brink 5.0 and learn more about all of the new features coming to Brink!

Upgrading Your POS System?

Before performing your upgrade, check out our “Brink Upgrade Best Practices” checklist to ensure the process is as smooth as possible!

Download your copy of the checklist here!

Brink POS Software Upgrade Best Practices