Sonny's POS Terminal Upgrade Program

PAR’s Next Generation of Terminals

PAR and Sonny’s would like to announce PAR’s latest POS terminal offering the EverServ® 600. PAR’s EverServ ®600 withstands the busiest dinner rushes & the messiest spills. Modern sleek design, solid-state drive technology, and 15″ Projected Capacitive Touch Screen allow it to work in the most demanding restaurant environments. EverServ ®600 Projected Capacitive Touch displays are highly resistant to “repetitive touch wear” often found in previous touch technologies and the solid-state drives are both faster than older magnetic drives and have no moving parts to wear out

EverServ® 600 Upgrade - Why Upgrade Now?

Microsoft has announced that on October 21, 2021, they will stop supporting POSReady 7 as an operating system.  What this means is Microsoft will no longer push or create security patches.  The end of life of Microsoft POSReady 7 will affect Sonny’s locations running PAR EverServ® 500 POS terminals.  All EverServ 500 POS terminals will need to be replaced by October 21, 2021 deadline.

To minimize the impact on your operation, PAR has worked closely with the Sonny’s team to create an EverServ® 600 terminal upgrade program.  The program offers Sonny’s franchisee the opportunity to take advantage of special pricing.

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