Restaurant POS for Franchises

A quality point of sale system can help an independent restaurant in nearly every respect, but independent restaurants aren’t the only food service businesses that benefit from selecting the proper system.

A restaurant franchise can be a very lucrative enterprise, but it can’t be run exactly like any other restaurant, a fact which extends all the way down to choosing which point of sale system to use.

Unique challenges of Owning a Franchise

Restaurant franchises come with their own set of challenges, both for the Franchisor and the Franchisee. A few of the most commonly cited challenges are:

Building Solid Infrastructure

For a restaurant franchisor, one of the first hurdles to clear is laying the foundation for a successful franchise. This includes putting in place the infrastructure that will allow your franchise to grow and expand, while simultaneously being well-planned and reliable.

These procedures, processes, and systems, agrees, form the backbone that will allow your franchise to grow while remaining stable. One such critical system is, you guessed it, a point of sale system.

Being Adaptable

Laying a solid foundation of processes and systems–both human and technological–can take you a long way in growing a restaurant franchise. What happens when you’ve expanded into unfamiliar territory—across a county, state, or even international border—and now have to deal with a whole new set of laws and regulations?

These changes from location to location could have wide-ranging effects on how that location is run and require changes to that infrastructure you so meticulously built. You can’t very well invest in completely new processes and technologies each time the winds of regulation change course—after all, both time and margins are of the essence in the restaurant world!

So what is a franchisor to do?

The answer is to make sure from the outset that you are investing your resources into a point of sale system that is eminently adaptable. A POS system that is sufficiently adaptable will include features such as:

Automatic Updates

Cloud POS software automatically updates—security updates, bug fixes, and increased speed occurs automatically without any prompting or effort by from the business owners or managerial staff. This ensures your software operates optimally and is ready to perform at the highest level. Spend time waiting on your guests, not behind a terminal.

Partner Integration Ecosystems

By working closely with integration partners in areas like reporting, EMV, accounting, and payroll, an adaptable system provides innovative solutions to your business, while improving customer support and reducing the total cost of ownership of your solution.

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Working within the Franchise System

The challenge in the franchise world isn’t solely on the shoulders of the franchisor, though—the franchisee takes on a good deal of unique responsibility here as well.

Having to work within a franchise system can add an entirely new heavy layer of stress on top of the already stressful job of a restaurant owner, so it’s important for the franchisor and franchisee to understand each other well.

Inventory Management, Reporting, and Security on a Corporate Level

Some of the most indispensable features of any modern POS system are security features, inventory management, and central integrated reporting.

This is also true in the franchise environment—perhaps even more so.

Franchisees have to operate under often extremely stringent standards and margins set at the corporate level, and as such it is important to choose the POS system that will make it as easy for your franchisees to adhere to these standards as possible.

Take into careful consideration what kinds of reports you expect from your franchisees, what kind of inventory management procedures and margins you want them to follow, the strictness of your standards for security—all of these will decide which POS system is best for you and your franchisees.

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