Customer Service and Support

It can be tempting to think that your journey is over once you’ve selected and purchased your POS system. In reality, the journey’s just begun. The process of implementing and integrating the system into your business is just as important as the selection.

This is where it helps to choose a product that is backed up by excellent customer support. If you’ve chosen a “one-stop-shop” POS provider, you can rest assured that they will be fully equipped to service any maintenance or repair needs that crop up over the lifetime of your system.

A truly distinguished customer support system will be comprised of several different facets:


A quality point of sale onboarding process is essential to ensuring your system is implemented as smoothly as possible.

This is where the biggest initial value of a customer support system is felt—installation, training, and project management programs all ensure that your business’s every need is being met from the outset and that the system’s integration is seamless.

A high-quality POS provider onboarding team will assign a dedicated team to your business, define specific goal-oriented milestones for your project, as well as a clear scope of work. Other steps the onboarding team should take include:

  • Establishing a Customer Lab and conducting training
  • Configuring loyalty, menu, online and mobile ordering
  • Refining your new system to your unique business processes
  • Finalizing Preparations
  • Managing hardware and shipping logistics
  • Communicating plans with integration partners
  • Staging all systems with software

Customer Success

Once the onboarding process is completed, the Customer Success team will continue to be at your service throughout the life of your POS system, working with the provider’s development, customer support, marketing, sales, and professional services departments. This ensures no matter what stage of its cycle your POS system is in, your success is always the first priority.

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Technical Support

Once your system is in place, you should be able to contact a technical support line to address any issues you may encounter.

This support line should be available as consistently as possible and ideally reachable 24/7. A high-quality technical support service should be able to not only answer questions but also offer real solutions to a number of problems, such as software troubleshooting.

Specific features to look for in a truly standout technical support center are:

  • Open 24×7, 365 days a year
  • Expert troubleshooting by customized specialists
  • Remote diagnostic abilities
  • Service Account Management
  • Resource for any account issues
  • Builds a relationship with your team
  • Detailed understanding of your operations
  • Proactive customer service

Field-Service and Repairs

Finally, any customer support system worthy of your consideration will offer extensive repair services, both off-site and in the field at your restaurant.

These repairs and services should be thorough, effective, and as quick and convenient as possible, allowing you to never go without a functioning system. This can be facilitated by a mail-in depot repair service or an advance exchange service which guarantees next-day delivery of replacements for malfunctioning equipment.

An effective field-service resource will offer on-site service that minimizes downtime and disruptions to your business, as well as ensuring the mobile resources are stocked with everything they need to get the repairs done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Choosing the right point of sale system is important, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

If you keep in mind the specific benefits a POS system can afford, your restaurant’s unique needs, industry trends, and the importance of robust customer support and services, making the right choice is easy. Ready to get started? Schedule your Demo today and see how PAR has the solution for your success!

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