PAR's 2020 Restaurant Technology Trends Report

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Whitepaper: Food Safety in the Omnichannel

As more consumers seek the convenience of online ordering, scheduled pick up and home delivery, grocery providers must adjust to…

Intel® Whitepaper: Making Food Safer For Everyone

The causes of foodborne illnesses are well known, but so are the steps needed to prevent them.

Whitepaper: Increased Consumer Confidence Through HACCP Task Management

Whether you're a grocer or convenience store operator serving prepared food, responsibly monitoring food temperatures that meet critical temperature limits…

Whitepaper: Grocery Store Traceability… Are You Prepared?

The importance of having the proper food safety tools in place has never been greater.

Whitepaper: How Technology Protects Food Transportation From “Farm to Fork”

Today's consumers are much more vocal. They demand access to reliable and relevant information regarding their foods and a nutrition…

Whitepaper: Big Data

Utilizing big data grants restaurant owners and business owners alike the upper hand against their competition.

Webinar: The Power of Big Data

PAR and Marketing Vitals partnered for this information-packed hour on how to leverage restaurant technology for customer learning.

Whitepaper: Three Measurements of Food Safety

Having the proper food safety tools in place has never been more important.

Whitepaper: Cloud POS: Trending Now at Fast Casuals & QSRs

If you are still on the fence about cloud POS, this is a MUST READ.

eBook: The Importance of Food Safety Software

Food Safety and Food Quality are mission critical elements in delivery exceptional food service. Download our latest eBook to keep…

eBook: Choosing the Right POS System

Choosing a new POS system can be complicated. Your POS system can be the catalyst to your business' success, or…

Whitepaper: Cloud Software, Actionable Data, Scalable Solutions

As the restaurant industry changes, these are just a few items that absolutely have to be on your menu.