2019 Restaurant Technology Trends Report

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PAR works closely with a large network of Restaurant POS Integration Partners to provide certified and supported solutions that complement…

Whitepaper: Would you like a side of IoT with your meal?

Data from IoT sensors dispersed through the food chain is continually collected and analyzed to ensure temperatures do not exceed…

Whitepaper: Tablet Computing Solutions for Services Businesses

Tablet computing has become the latest buzz and businesses of all sizes see great potential in mobile platforms. Restaurant, retail…

Whitepaper: Safer Foods and Fewer Risks for Restaurants and Retailers

Food contamination can put customers—and businesses—at risk. ParTech Inc. is making it easier for grocers and restaurants to check food…

Whitepaper: The ROI of Food Safety

By leveraging new food safety solutions such as mobile devices, the cloud, sensors and more, you can better protect your…

Whitepaper: Food Safety in the Omnichannel

As more consumers seek the convenience of online ordering, scheduled pick up and home delivery, grocery providers must adjust to…

Intel® Whitepaper: Making Food Safer For Everyone

The causes of foodborne illnesses are well known, but so are the steps needed to prevent them.