We take care of our people and help nurture them to their full potential

We seek to attract, retain, develop and engage the best talent

• We foster a strong reputation in the communities where we are located, in the technology space and markets we serve

• By leading with our purpose, values and commitment to our stakeholder map, we attract the right kind of talent to PAR in terms of a cultural fit. We seek to hire people who are hungry, humble and smart

• The first step to engagement is onboarding – first impressions matter

• Our rewards and recognition are meaningful and touch intrinsic and extrinsic rewards

• We retain those who take pride in the company

People are our most important asset

• Competitive pay and benefits (work in progress)

• 401K with match (work in progress)

• Employee stock purchase program (work in progress)

• Vacation and holidays (work in progress)

• Employee wellness

We don’t build the business, we build the people that build the business

• Career management

• Education reimbursement

• Stagen Leadership training

• Six Sigma training

""Coming in from outside the tech industry, my network was slim and my experience was less than my competition. I was told: “we hire good people who are smart, then teach them the skills”. Through the interview process I was transparent about work/life balance as I have 2 small children (4yo and 2yo). I was candid about my goals and values. I found PAR/Brink not only aligned with them but, through my first 3 months on the job, continues to check in often and make sure “I am ok” and that “I feel supported”?! In my 25+ years in the hospitality sector I have found this company excels at what I found lacking in most of my former employers- taking care of their “internal guest” as much as the external guest. They truly practice what they preach in their Core Values: authenticity, awareness, dreaming, people and perseverance."

- Current PAR Employee

Sales Executive, ParTech, Inc.