Savi’s cloud-based platform empowers operators and managers to not only understand the results they are achieving through real-time data analytics but the behavior causing those results through video and audio of store transactions and events. This enables them to replicate profit-driving behaviors and eliminate those leading to loss.


  • Savi’s platform allows operators to consolidate three vendors into one with it’s fully functional sales and loss prevention reporting dashboards, it’s cloud-based video management solution, exception-based video reporting and on premise alarm system.


  • The integration with Brink provides full insight into reporting Dashboards of Sales, Labor, Item Sales and Loss Prevention. On top of that the ability to search these different transaction types and events by the video surveillance system at the location. Allowing Operators the ability to validate assumptions, identify high performers and eliminate loss causing behaviors.


  • Real-Time Sales
  • Labor
  • Item and Loss Prevention Reporting Dashboards
  • Video-Based Exception Reporting and Transaction Search
  • Cloud-Based Video Management
“There are a number of things we love about Savi, but the biggest thing we noticed right away was the time savings it offered our team. What would have taken our team members hours each day before Savi, is now done in minutes and is offering new insights we couldn’t previously gain. It has allowed us the ability to highlight team members who are doing well and eliminate undesired behaviors. It’s all there on one platform and is a slam dunk that continues to improve with each update. The ROI on the product is clear. “

– Jeff Howes

Owner – Meister Guys, Five Guys Franchisee

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