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Raydiant is a full-service digital signage and experience platform designed to elevate the customer and employee experience for brick and mortars. Integrated with the PAR Brink POS® system, it creates a complete management system for hospitality customers, like restaurants and sports venues… This integrated system communicates across components, updating digital signs and digital menu boards instantly each time there is a Brink POS change. This allows business owners to save time, streamline back-end processes, and offer an exceptional experience to their in-location customers. 


Raydiant is an all-in-one, easy to set up digital experience platform with over 200,000 customizable templates. Connect the Raydiant ScreenRay to any HDMI monitor and activate it through the internet. Start remotely changing your digital menu board content, pushing promos, happy hours, playing music videos and communicating in the back office with the employees in less than 5 minutes.


Raydiant’s Experience Management Platform enables brick and mortars to build strong, long-lasting relationships with their employees and customers. Raydiant helps to create memorable, interactive on-location experiences. Raydiant’s plug-and-play, cloud-based solution empowers Raydiant customers to create, manage and scale experiences across 1 or 100,000 locations anytime, anywhere.


Raydiant offers feature that cover several business cases. One of the most important features is the automation of the restaurant menu board changes when changes are applied on the Brink POS® solution.
Raydiant allows scheduling different digital menu displays based on the shift, breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner… Through its unique platform, Raydiant offers Live TV broadcasting, background music, employee engagement features and much more.

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