QSROnline provides a web-based, back-office solution that addresses restaurants’ largest two expenses: food cost and labor cost. In addition, QSROnline’s software provides greater visibility to restaurant operators, giving them the tools they need to identify problem areas, improve efficiencies, and drive profits.


  • QSROnline’s back-office system consists of five main modules: Inventory & Food Cost Management, Labor Scheduling, Enterprise Reporting, Accounting & Payroll System Integrations, and a Mobile App Suite. These solutions can be bundled for a comprehensive back-office suite or sold separately.


  • Data collected from PAR Brink POS is transformed into valuable solutions to improve restaurant operations. QSROnline’s mobile app suite makes counting inventory quick and easy and makes communicating with employees more reliable than ever. Dive into QSROnline’s reporting platform to quickly identify variances, upcoming employee overtime, your menu gross profit, and much more!


  • Inventory and Food Cost Management
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Accounting Data Automation
  • Payroll Data Automation
“[Customer Support] provided great responsiveness…Managers are completing inventory counts in 30-45 min vs a 2-3 hour process…With the scheduler, my team has embraced using the apps..they love it. And I have someone who is old school and hates computers, hates technology, and [QSROnline] really took him to the next level… I was very impressed with their [Development Team’s] turn around time also.”

– Karl Goldbeck

Director of Operations, Burrachos

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