Push Operations
Push Operations is cloud-based employee labor management software that integrates HR, payroll, time tracking and scheduling tasks into one easy-to-use platform.


  • We integrate all aspects of employee management (scheduling, time-tracking, payroll and HR) into one simple platform that will save you time, reduce redundancy, and increase your profitability.


    With an all in one employee labor management system, your workflow is made easy, allowing you to better manage your business.
    With real-time information at your fingertips, you’re able to work faster, smarter and make better business decisions.
    The need for manual calculations is eliminated with payroll automation. Remove the risk of compliance calculation errors, plan labor better and get stronger reporting.


  • Payroll
    – Run payroll in 10 minutes or less
    – Automate wage and tax calculations
    – Receive hands on training and 24/7 support
  • Schedule
    – Allow employees to “self-serve” for common things such as time off requests, shift-swaps, shift releases etc.
    – Easily schedule employees for multiple positions and create custom shift templates
    – Forecast and track labor budgets against scheduled and actual costs in real time
  • Time & Attendance
    – Create your own custom clock setting rules based on your company’s culture
    – View clock-in behaviors like missed breaks, late starts, early clock outs, etc.
    – Ensure employees are work ready with clock in/out camera feature
  • HR
    – Easily streamline your hiring process with self-serve employee onboarding
    – Track and store employee documents, key performance indicators and milestones on one platform
    – Automate employee tasks and certifications with custom alarms and notifications
  • Reports
    – Know exactly how much you’re making vs. spending on labor
    – Be alerted when KPIs like labor vs sales reach a certain threshold
    – View actual sales and labor against projections
“In an environment of thin margins and high labor costs, joint clients are now able to plan their labor better with live sales vs forecasted labor comparisons, while staying compliant to local state laws. Integrating with Brink POS will allow clients to schedule smarter, and understand how their labor is performing to make informed decisions on the fly.”

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