Ping HD
Ping HD provides a robust and scalable web based digital signage content management platform designed to simplify the management of Digital Menu Board content. Packed full of useful features our customers can be confident that each screen at every location is functioning correctly with the current dynamic pricing from PAR.


  • In addition to our award winning EngagePHD Digital Signage Software, we provide 24/7/365 support, complimentary training and an in house content design. We are also able to provide and install all hardware as were are software development partners with Samsung, LG and BrightSign.


  • Our integration with PAR enables our customers to save time by only managing their pricing within PAR.
  • Our EngagePHD software will pull the latest pricing from PAR and will dynamically update that content on the Digital Menu Board layouts. Furthermore to save time, we have the notion of ‘Locations so that the same menu design can be sent to an unlimited number of locations, and then each location will show the appropriate pricing/regional variation in product for that location.


  • Extensive Network Monitoring Tools: Be alerted if there are any issues and also set an automatic reboot if the Screen/Player cannot perform a health check.
  • Drag and Drop Menu Layout Designer: Complete flexibility in design and layout .
  • Dayparting Playlists/Asset Management
  • Support for cycle based menus
  • BYOD Support

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