Navori Labs
Navori Labs is a Swiss software innovator and global leader in digital signage, computer vision, and AI-driven marketing analytics.


  • QL Digital Signage Software includes everything you need to create, deploy your digital signage, and play any content on any screen.
  • StiX 3700, is an ultra-compact and powerful Android digital signage media player dongle.
  • Aquaji Marketing Analytics software. It produces comparable data and metrics to manage physical stores and assess marketing activities.


  • Navori provides premium technologies and large-scale deployment expertise to customers around the world.
  • Our multiplatform software uses an open architecture and is developed in-house by a team of highly qualified engineers.
  • We offer cloud and on-premise products that are third-party certified for government and enterprise use.


  • Navori Labs delivers premium digital signage and AI-driven marketing analytics solutions to improve physical business performance and enhance customers satisfaction.
  • With our integrated research and development department, we have been at the origin of most of the software innovations in this industry and guarantee our users a lead of several years over competing software.

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