Mobiry helps restaurants understand and influence their customers’ behavior, drive repeat business and identify churning customers to reverse downward trends. Mobiry combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning with Marketing Automation to provide actionable reporting, trends and automate 1:1 personalized promotions that increase customer loyalty and average check value.


  • Mobiry provides a comprehensive solution that combines AI, Machine Learning and Marketing Automation to bring the power of personalization traditionally reserved for e-commerce to the restaurant industry. Our platform gives you the ability to automate your marketing and promotional activities with 1:1 and dynamic group targeting.


  • Enhance your Par Brink POS through an integration with the Mobiry API. Our cloud-based AI platform delivers advanced real-time customer data analysis, predictive purchase recommendations, churn reduction, marketing automation and much more.


  • 1:1 Personalization based on individual customer behavior
  • AI powered churn reduction engine
  • Comprehensive customer profiling
  • Automation of key marketing processes
  • Dynamic customer and product reporting to show real-time trends

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