Fueled by historical sales data, hyper-local weather data and millions of local events, Lineup’s advanced machine learning models accurately predict future sales and labor needs. When paired with our clean, simple scheduling features, and real-time progress dashboard, these predictions enable operators to make consistent, profitable decisions across all locations.


  • Through the power of machine learning, every restaurant on the Lineup platform receives its own custom predictive sales model that is updated on a daily basis, driving continuous accuracy improvement, and the ability to rapidly evolve as external factors change. This agility has never been more important than it is now, given the uncertainty that COVID-19 has and will likely continue to introduce in the future. In fact, Lineup’s predictions have already returned to pre-COVID accuracy levels and will continue to automatically evolve with time.
  • On approximately 33% of all days, restaurant sales are 20% above or below the 4 week rolling average, a commonly used algorithm for forecasting sales. It’s on these days that restaurants often find themselves over or under staffed. By leveraging more advanced algorithms, external weather and local event data, Lineup’s predictions are up to 60% more accurate on those days.
  • Don’t just take our word for it. Contact us to take the Lineup challenge. Simply send us 2 years worth of historical sales data (any format is fine, we’ll figure it out) and we’ll show you how much you could be saving with Lineup.


  • Lineup is a prediction company at its core, but we don’t leverage our “AI” to make decisions for you and your store operators. Instead, our best in class predictions and simple features give operators the timely, actionable and accurate insights they need to drive faster, more consistently profitable decisions about labor and food.
  • Our dedicated team of Data Scientists are constantly experimenting with new algorithms designed to improve prediction accuracy, and we’re working with restaurants every day to explore how we can continue to turn those predictions in to more profitable daily decisions about food and labor.


  • Hourly, daily and weekly sales and labor predictions that feed directly into simple, clean labor scheduling features.
  • Daily and weekly tracking dashboards that compare hourly predictions to actuals in real-time, enabling proactive labor and food decisions through each day.
  • Notifications that inform users if predictions change from when schedules are created
  • Daily reflection that gives managers a platform to communicate why they believe actual sales differ from what Lineup predicted. These insights are used both to improve Lineup’s models, and to give restaurant leadership unprecedented visibility into the daily operations across all locations.

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