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Jolt is a smartphone and tablet app that helps restaurants and businesses achieve team accountability, digital food safety compliance, and boost employee performance.


Jolt offers a modular platform with:

  • Digital Checklists
  • Media Library Supporting Docs, Images and Videos
  • Food Safety & Compliance Tools (Label printing, remote temperature sensors, and food probes)


Jolt offers any deskless worker:

  • Defined Workflows in Checklists
  • Compliance Accountability through providing Evidence of Completed Tasks with Pictures and Videos


High value features of Jolt include:

  • Creating and displaying checklists per person or by role that can be set to appear on a schedule or ad hoc with a corrective action feature where a ‘next action’ list is presented if list response is out of range.
  • Present images and videos within a checklist to validate the task is being done correctly.
  • Complete items through dozens of completion methods including taking a picture of the completed task, scanning a QR code.
  • Food safety tools protecting brand reputation with food labeling, remote temperature sensors for environments like refrigerators/freezers, and handheld food temperature probes.
  • Manager log and workflow management tools.
  • Alert delivery for actions taken like: incomplete or completed lists, temperature sensor is out of range, food temperature reported is below safety standard, and more!

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