Instant Financial is the leading instant pay platform that is changing the way millions of Americans get paid. With Instant, employers empower employees with free access to their earned income after each shift while attracting new job applicants and increasing employee retention and engagement.


  • Instant provides financial wellness solutions at no cost to businesses and employees. Instant Pay gives employees free access to earned income through a modern, user-friendly app and Visa® debit card. Instant Tips and Instant Mileage eliminate the need for cash, reward workers instantly and securely, and streamline business operations. Instant also offers Off-cycle Emergency Pay, Termination Pay, and Incentive Commission Pay.


  • Instant accesses information from an employer’s current Time and Attendance and Payroll solutions to support our EWA system. Using our Instant Pay platform and robust API set to integrate to Par Brink POS, our joint customers realize an integrated environment that provides automated access to system to support Instant Pay.


  • – No Cost to the employee to receive Instant Pay
    – No Cost to the employer including no SaaS fees or integration cost
    – No Cash Flow impact to the employer as Instant funds all EWA payments
    – Includes Pay Card Offering
    – Highest User adoption rate in the industry

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