i3 International
Our ability to integrate POS solutions and combine these with our advance artificial intelligent engine has helped many QSR businesses drastically reduce employee theft while helping improve speed-of-service to its customers


  • i3 provides organizations running on the PAR platform with all in-one cloud-managed
    enterprise physical security solutions to deliver visibility at any scale. With standard
    features like POS integration, cloud storage, and a built in artificial intelligent engine,
    organizations can quickly scale video security coverage and increase situational
    awareness across any number of locations.


  • Our solution can be accessed through a number of mobile devices while ensuring that
    these connections will pass all network security protocols. Intuitive reports and alerts
    allow our users real time access to their store. A lifetime of upgrades and warranty
    allow owners the sense that this technology will never be obsolete.


  • Significant reduction of employee discounting
    and sweet hearting
  • POS exception-based analysis and reports
  • Speed-of-service system for inside and outside
“The level of integration allows for relevant information, presented effortlessly in one location. Powerful video analytics, allow myself to focus on other tasks versus investigating suspicious activities, also activities that may have been missed via human limitations.”

– Andrew Colbourne

Owner/Operator, Dairy Queen

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