Hubworks is a suite of back-office applications designed for restaurants. Hubworks has a solution for every labor, inventory, operations, or food safety business need you may have. With an integration to PAR Brink POS, we help restaurant operators control their food costs, reduce their labor costs, and improve their operations.


  • Easily create the perfect schedule
  • Eliminate time theft and stay compliant with labor laws
  • Quickly take inventory counts
  • Accurately order inventory
  • Reduce & track your variance and waste
  • Standardize your operations
  • Maintain food safety standards


  • The Hubworks integration with PAR Brink POS allows you to reduce your labor costs by helping you create the perfect schedules to meet your labor budget and schedule enforcement to easily manage employee time. You can control your food costs with quick inventory counts and suggested ordering to reduce waste at your restaurant. All of the Hubworks applications are fully integrated with PAR Brink POS so you never need to worry about double data entry.


  • Labor Scheduling
  • Employee Timekeeping
  • Inventory & Ordering Management
  • Forecasting and Reporting
  • Task Management
  • Food Safety
  • Operations Management
  • Digital Signage
“With Brink and Hubworks, I have a solution that meets all of my restaurant’s needs. Our profit margins are the best they’ve ever been and we’re saving valuable time across the board. Tasks that used to take hours every week have been streamlined and we’re able to run more efficiently than ever before.”

– Anand Gala

Chairman, MOOYAH

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