The integration between PAR and GRUBBRR enables restaurants and other retailers to create seamless, customized systems that leverage GRUBBRR’s solution to drive incremental revenue, decrease operating cost and provide a better customer experience.


  • To achieve this integration, GRUBBRR implemented a self-ordering kiosk that exchanges data with the Brink POS®.
  • GRUBBRR software shows menu items previously pulled from the Brink POS system and allows customers to make and pay orders at the kiosk and then send the completed order to the Brink POS.


  • The communication between GRUBBRR and the Brink API is extensive; GRUBBRR calls once every 24 hours for a menu refresh, twice for each order placed at the kiosk, once to calculate order total, and a final time to send the prepaid order and do an inventory check, if applicable.


  • GRUBBRR pulls menu data, including items, modifiers, combos, tender types, and discounts, and then sends orders back to the Brink POS.

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