Gratuity Solutions
Gratuity Solutions is the hospitality industry’s leading provider of digital payment software that automates the calculation and payment of tips, wages, service charges and commissions and provides the resulting data to the employer’s pay-data endpoints, such as pay cards and payroll. We simplify the accounting process and keep businesses compliant while providing employees access to their pay instantly with same-day payments of their TIPS and wages.


  • Automated calculation and disbursement of daily tips, wages, bonuses, and commissions
  • Same-day payouts for employees
  • Automated record-keeping
  • Normalization of data retrieved from POS and Payroll software
  • Effortless compliance with tax and healthcare withholding regulations
  • Convenient access to data through our online portal and app


  • The pay-data platform by Gratuity Solutions collects and normalizes all data from POS machines (inclusive of all other systems of record), payroll services, and all other connected systems through the use of our customizable API integrations. These data are used to calculate each employee’s take-home pay based on a number of factors, including hours worked, hourly wages, daily tips, and more. Payouts are then disbursed onto pay cards or into the Visa Direct account of the employee’s choice for effortless and automatic access to daily earned wages.


  • Automated payouts: Schedule daily payouts to happen automatically at closing time, for example.
  • Online Portal and App: View and manage data from anywhere, at any time.
  • Team Up: Use this function for multiple servers working large gatherings, banquets, etc.
  • Convenient Partnerships: We work with top POS, HR management, and Payroll systems for seamless integration no matter which services a business prefers.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Based on customizable settings, taxes and other fees may be automatically withheld from employee payouts.

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