eSite Analytics
eSite Analytics is a full-service spatial analytics firm helping retailers and restaurant operators make more profitable location-based decisions. eSite Analytics’ software can help operators understand how customer behaviors change based on day-part, weekday, and seasonality, allowing them to adapt their location-based marketing and messaging with ease.


  • Market analysis
  • Customer profiling
  • Sales forecasting
  • Site selection
  • Cannibalization analysis
  • Marketing execution


  • With eSite and PAR Brink POS integration, eSite can unlock customer and location insights from your POS data. eSite Analytics brings growing restaurant chains the easiest access to the most recent customer info. Reach customers faster than ever by crunching the best mobility, demographic and psychographic data – in seconds, not days. Make informed location based decisions with a customized solution that utilizes proprietary cutting-edge methodologies.


  • Consultative spatial analytics
  • Online mapping and analytics platform
  • Access to cutting edge data and technology

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