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Get the restaurant data you need with the Delaget Universal API. By using the Delaget Universal API and joining the Easy Street Marketplace, restaurant industry providers gain access to data from more than 100,000 restaurant locations and avoid the cost of building and maintaining one-off integrations. They can also reduce onboarding time, improving their customers’ experience and shortening time to revenue. Easy Street members can immediately increase their Total Addressable Market without tapping engineering resources.


  • The Delaget Universal API allow restaurant technology and service providers to easily send and receive data from their customers without the need to build an integration.


  • Access data from more than 100,000 restaurant locations with one API, instead of building costly, one-off data integrations.
  • Break into new markets instantly: With the Delaget Universal API, you can immediately increase your Total Addressable Market without tapping your engineering resources.
  • Reduce risk: Building your own data integrations can be a gamble. Eliminate up-front investments, and use your capital on other priorities.
  • Never worry about data management again: Let Delaget maintain the integration and business logic.


  • Labor information including punch data, job codes, and employee demographics
  • Order (POS) data including items in order, cost, taxes, voids, and refunds
  • General ledger account numbers
  • Customer survey information
  • Speed of service data for counter, drive thru, and third-party delivery
  • Inventory details including counts and item names
  • Location information, such as net sales, gross sales, paid ins, and paid outs
  • Hundreds of data points available from every system in the restaurant including sales, transaction-level detail, speed of service, inventory, time and attendance, and more

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