Craftable significantly lowers food, beverage, and labor costs by connecting what restaurant operators buy and sell. Craftable simplifies ordering, payments, inventory management, electronic invoicing, and recipe menu costing while reducing back-office labor hours. Craftable’s cloud-based platform can be used on any mobile device, tablet, or computer.


  • Craftable offers 3 solutions for managing inventory and procurement for your business including Bevager, Foodager, and House. Have full control over invoices, vendor prices, and payments while eliminating manual accounting tasks with Books and Analytics.


  • Craftable pulls your Brink POS sales tickets and labor data to give you unprecedented visibility into your true costs. Automate your P&L by combining sales, purchases, payments, inventory, invoices, menu costing, and more.


  • Inventory, Ordering & Purchasing
  • Menu Costing & Profitability Analysis
  • Financial Reporting
  • iPhone & Android Apps

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