Chowly, the market leader in POS integration, enables restaurants to expand and maintain their digital storefronts by seamlessly integrating online orders from all points of origin – such as third-party marketplaces, catering platforms, delivery dispatch solutions, and native ordering sites and apps – directly into the POS system.


  • Chowly’s suite of solutions was built to simplify technology for restaurants. It’s integration technology injects online orders from third-party marketplaces – such as UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates – directly into the POS system. Chowly’s menu management technology, MenuMatch, allows menu updates to be made in one place and published automatically to all of a restaurant’s third-party and direct channel online ordering apps.


  • Chowly’s partnership with PAR/Brink empowers customers to streamline delivery operations and expand their off-premise strategy to multiple channels. Once an online order is placed, it seamlessly integrates into the Brink POS system and sends orders automatically to the kitchen printer or KDS.


  • Improve accuracy – Eliminate manual data entry of orders.
  • Increase revenue – Add new third-party ordering platforms — without having a single tablet to your host stand
  • Stay informed – Receive live, accurate reporting, separated by third-party service in your POS system
  • Save money – Reduce labor costs by eliminating the time-consuming task of manual data entry.
  • Generate happy customers – Accurate orders and quicker delivery times lead to more satisfied customers, which means better overall ratings for your restaurant.

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