Bridg enables brick and mortar retailers to identify, understand and engage (un)known in-store customers. Utilizing POS transaction data, Bridg identifies an individual in-store customer behind a transaction and builds an anonymous profile with SKU level purchase history, demographic and socioeconomic attributes that can be used for analytics and marketing purposes.


  • Our market leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) is purpose built for enterprise brick and
    mortar restaurants with exclusive offline identity resolution capabilities that are built on our
    proprietary data asset; a census of over 250 million US consumers. This unique, and difficult to
    replicate database, contains privacy-safe anonymous, marketable identities and the payment
    instruments they use/have in their wallet. These identities were created using highly
    sophisticated algorithms combined with 8 years of item-level point-of-sale (POS) data history –
    and include data from our strategic partners.


  • Purpose built for enterprise brick and mortar retailers and utilizing client POS transaction data, Bridg provides industry leading Identity Resolution, Profile Creation, and Profile Enrichment. Utilizing these longitudinal, anonymous and privacy-safe consumer profiles, clients gain previously unavailable insight into consumer behavior, hyper-targeted marketing capabilities, and closed looped measurement via POS attribution.


  • Offline Identity Resolution
  • Longitudinal Consumer Profile Creation
  • Profile Enrichment with SKU Level Transaction History
  • Demographics
  • Socioeconomics
  • Special Interests & Predictive Attributes
  • Access to detailed profile data, segmentation and audience creation
  • Audience export to 250+ marketing destinations
  • Closed looped measurement of campaign performance.

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