Industry leading software and hardware solutions that are always there when
you need them but never in your way.

Brink™ Point of Sale

Leave behind legacy technology and unleash your true potential with Brink POS®.

PAR Drive-Thru

With unparalleled sound and ergonomic design, create a drive-thru experience that’s optimized for both you and your customers.
Barista in front of a PAR terminal

PAR Payment Services

Everything you need to conduct customer transactions and level up your payment experience.

PAR Hardware

Technology that complements your business and never gets in the way of the meals or moments.

Data Central®

The Magic Behind the Moments
Seamless integration with existing POS systems along with training and included tech support make Data Central® the premier restaurant management platform for concepts looking to protect the bottom line and gain strategic control over labor, growth, and food management.


Full-Service Point of Sale Software
Adaptable and agile point of sale software to connect every aspect of the dining experience seamlessly and with endless configuration options to suit any need.

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