PAR KDS Hardware Solution

Newly Designed and Developed for Every Concept



What Goes Into Our PAR KDS Hardware?

PAR’s KDS systems come with four pieces, including Brink Kitchen, either a touchscreen or non-touch monitor, a controller and a bump bar. Whether you decide to mount it to a wall, countertop or on a KDS bracket, our KDS also comes with an all-in-one mounting feature for easy installation. Brink Kitchen also integrates with a number of third-party vendors and platforms, as well as traditional in-house point of sale systems.

Our Kitchen Display System features:

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • 21.5″ TFT LCD Backlight Monitor with Optional Touchscreen Available
  • USB Controller Interface
  • All-in-one Mounting Feature
  • Capacitive Touch Bump Bar
  • Built-in Speakers with Sound Options
  • Intel Apollo Lake Controller CPU
  • Capacitive Touch Bump Bar with Watertight Design

Unite Your Front & Back of House

Allow your chefs and serving staff to work together.

Improve the overall efficiency of your restaurant by increasing communication between the front and back of the house with this native built-in feature of Brink POS software. Streamline your operation and your staff! A reduction in mistakes between staff results in decreased food and inventory costs.

Chef in the kitchen sending out food

How Does PAR's Kitchen Display System Improve Restaurant Operations

What’s all the buzz about?

Why are people getting rid of their old kitchen printers and written orders and adopting KDS Hardware? Learn more about how kitchen display systems work and how adding this technology to restaurants can help streamline the order process exponentially!