EverServ® Self-Service & Ordering POS Kiosk

Delight More Customers and Reduce Wait Times

PAR EverServ self-service Kiosk from an angle - PAR Technology

A Consistently Great Guest Experience

PAR’s EverServ Kiosk lets customers create and personalize their experience within your restaurant.

  • Kiosks help direct customers away from countertop terminals, reducing line lengths and increasing throughput.
  • Just like a countertop terminal, customers can pay for their meals using credit cards, and their orders will be sent to the kitchen display system in the order it was received.
  • Cashiers can be reallocated to other restaurant tasks, allowing them to focus more on personalized service, restaurant cleanliness, and the overall consumer dining experience.
  • Consumers have more control over their choices, substitutions, and special instructions, resulting in more accurate orders.

Boost Sales & Increase Check Averages with Effective Upselling

Automatically offer add-ons at critical stages throughout the ordering process, resulting in higher average check totals.

  • Your kiosk software pulls menu information straight from the POS system, giving diners the same great service no matter where they’re ordering in your restaurant.
  • Consumers have more time to explore menu items and personalize selections based on personal preferences or dietary needs.
  • Digital platforms take the responsibility of upselling off the staff, so they can focus on your guests.

self-service Kiosk with branding-PAR Technology

Customized for Your Brand

Personalize the aesthetics and logistics of your kiosk to reflect your distinct branding.

  • Choose from 3 touchscreen kiosk styles; countertop, wall-mounted, or freestanding to suit your restaurant’s specific needs and layout.
  • Select from multiple screen sizes and orientation options to fit your operation’s atmosphere.
  • Offered in an array of colors, with custom color schemes and skins available to match the design of your brand and décor.

"A kiosk screen is much better designed to enable consumers to navigate through a menu..."

"Menu boards, especially if they aren’t digital, they’re not showing you what the food looks like, They’re not highlighting which items are spicy, which items are vegan, which items have lower calorie counts. A kiosk screen is much better designed to enable consumers to navigate through a menu. They can become more familiar with the brand and the options for menu items, which I would hope would make the guests feel more attached to that specific brand."

- Brandon Barton

CEO, Bite Kiosk