Brink Mobile

Where Technology Creates Convenience.

Seamlessly Manage Your Menu and Create Ambassadors of Your Brand.

Online & Mobile Ordering Built into Your POS

This native, built-in feature allows you to setup your menu once, as your point of sale populates in real-time throughout all locations and channels for easy, enterprise-wide menu management.

Delight Your Guests

Today’s consumers desire convenience from start to finish. Show them you care by eliminating their need to wait in line and allowing them to choose their pickup time based on their scheduling needs.

Seamless Loyalty

Guest profiles are created automatically, linking loyalty to their online account. Past orders, reward promotions, and payment history are all stored in one, convenient location to increase customer satisfaction.

Available Anywhere

Brink Mobile is user-friendly, and available for use on smartphones, desktop computers and tablets.

Seamless Kitchen Communication

Orders placed online are automatically sent to the kitchen in current time, creating a seamless mobile to table experience.

We’re Planning Ahead

With Brink’s open architecture and design, we’re prepared to accommodate future ordering demands in the restaurant industry, so your POS system can adapt quickly and easily.

Integrate Your Technology into the Dining Experience

• Automatically scales from desktop to mobile on any browser.
• Orders placed online are automatically sent to the kitchen.
• Create a new stream of revenue, with a greater, average check size.
• Increase efficiency and eliminate errors.

Create Convenience for Consumers

  • Eliminate their need to wait in line.
  • Enhance your brand’s social presence from positive guest reviews and social media posts.
  • Increase their visibility into their custom orders so they can view special requests and substitutions.
  • Create ambassadors of your brand!

Easy to Use & Implement

• Promote mobile ordering during non-peak hours to boost sales.
• No need to download an app.
• Your menu only needs to be set up once.
• Economically friendly compared to other vendors.


“We accomplished deployment 3-4x faster than I would have anticipated. PAR’s hardware legacy is foundational to Brink POS Software’s rapid and smooth software deployment.”

Tim Carter, Chief Administrative Officer