EverServ® 8000

EverServ 8000


PAR EverServ® 8000 Series:
Always a Step Ahead. Future-proof Design. Built to Last.

The PAR EverServ 8000 is designed to enhance guest experiences through unique ergonomic positioning, and maximize power and performance using the newest Intel technology. PAR’s sophisticated platform is offered in three models: 8100, 8300 and the 8500, and all are fully customizable to suit your business needs. The POS system kickstand design allows the terminal to quickly transform from a standard POS configuration to a low profile or a wall mount with minimal effort allowing you to instantly adapt to your business environment, your staff, and each individual customer.

The EverServ® 8000 continues PAR’s legacy of Longevity, Reliability and Durability. The longer product lifecycle means longer time between your upgrades, higher system performance for your business, a decrease in your customer wait times, and an increase in overall profitability. The elegant, yet industrial design is built to withstand the harsh realities of the restaurant environment, and will repel water, infiltration, and endure rough treatment.

With the release of the EverServ® 8000 Series, PAR is “reshoring” manufacturing to our headquarters in Upstate New York, and POS systems are designed, developed and assembled in the USA. This change will shorten the supply chain, shorten lead times, and create a closer interaction between all teams.  By unveiling the EverServ® 8000 Series, PAR uses over 35 years of experience and expertise to revolutionize POS hardware design by combining the evolution of the restaurant industry with global customer feedback.


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Increased speed and performance

On order taking at the drive through and the counter to help reduce customer wait times and increase the number of orders in Quick Serve and Fast Casual environments.

Longevity of Lifecycle & Futureproof Design

A new generation platform, taking advantage of the latest Intel processor technology and chipsets for superior product performance, with longer time in between upgrades. Due to the modularity of the design, additional technology can be added to the pods without swapping the entire unit.

Optimal Guest Experience

Enhanced customer engagement by enabling the terminal operator to articulate the height of the POS terminal, allowing for easier conversational selling, better user ergonomics, and creating more personal interaction.

Customizable components

Modular platforms allow limitless configurations to maximize your total cost of ownership. Add additional features, accessories, or peripherals to the pod-based ports as your business needs change.

Seamless Integration

With up to date standard POS drivers, The EverServ® 8000 Series is designed to effortlessly incorporate into your current peripheral ecosystem.

Ease of Installation & Serviceability

A simple to deploy and service system that makes use of a unique cabling system, tool-less chassis, and plug and play capability.

Designed, Developed and Assembled in the USA

PAR is reshoring manufacturing efforts to its headquarters in Upstate New York with this 8th generation terminal.

Electronic Technician – New Hartford, NY

PAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION has an opportunity available for an Electronic Technician to join its Service Repair Department located in New Hartford, NY. PAR Technology is the parent Company for three wholly owned business units providing systems and services for both government and hospitality sectors. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Duties may include applying technical knowledge and experience in a variety of diagnostic, repair and software load operations.  These may include, but are not limited to servicing Point of Sale…

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