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PARk it™ was designed for restaurant operators who need to take fast and aggressive action. We can help turn your operations into a Virtual Kiosk, Virtual Drive-Thru and/or Online Ordering location without any additional hardware.

Simply have customers scan your QR code, order their food, and deliver it to them – and it’s all completely contactless.

• Customers use their phones to order and pay for their meals
• Quickly deliver orders to curbside customers or prepare for in-store pickup
• Customers can order ahead or at the restaurant
• No hardware = simple, quick setup and implementation.

We are committed to helping you stabilize your operations during an incredibly difficult time.

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PARk it™ Virtual Drive-Thru

Virtual Drive-Thru Parking Lot - PAR Technology

Guests use their own device to access your restaurant’s menu to order and pay with their preset payment methods. Your customer scans the QR code and places an order via their own mobile device.

• Orders and payments are immediately processed through POS system
• Orders are picked up by the customer

PARk it™ Virtual Kiosk

Virtual Kiosk on Pedestal - PAR Technology

Utilize your restaurant’s parking to provide revenue-generating drive-thru functionality. By placing signage in each parking spot, customers can order food without coming into contact with another person.

• Just like Order On-Premise, low-cost signage can connect your guest to your POS via their phone.
• The restaurant designates parking spots to facilitate the orders.

PARk it™ Online Ordering

Virtual Online Ordering at Location - PAR Technology

Integrate your restaurant’s technology into the dining experience to delight your customers with new ways to order from your menu.

• Automatically scales from desktop to mobile on any browser.
• Orders placed online are automatically sent to the kitchen.
• Create a new stream of revenue, with a greater, average check size.
• Increase efficiency and eliminate errors.

Express Ordering Powered by Ready

Scan the QR code to see the demo on your phone.

For iOS devices:
• Open your camera and hover it over the QR code >>>
• Click the iOS tab that appears at the top of your screen
• You can go through the entire experience, completing payment and it will not charge your card

For Android/non-iOS devices:
• For demo purposes, visit in your browser, use QR code scanner. You can go through the entire experience, completing payment and it will not charge your card

Note: In live environments, both Apple and Android phones can tap the embedded NFC chip.

We're here for operators looking to take fast and aggressive actions.

Existing Brink POS Customers:

  • Immediate activation of PAR Brink Mobile Ordering and/or integration with current ecosystem partners to get your business running the digital ordering and delivery services you need. 
  • PAR will work with all of our customers on any billing based on your unique needs.

New Customers:

  • Accelerated installation of Brink POS that includes consumer order ahead, virtual kiosk, and integration with all leading delivery platforms.
  • PAR will work with all of our customers on any billing based on your unique needs.

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