PAR Marketing Development Funds Program

Welcome to PAR's Marketing Development Funds (MDF) Program Guide

This program is a key part of our channel growth strategy and is designed to help you invest in your marketing program and grow your business. Activities that qualify for MDF include plans that build awareness, educate your team and targets and build your sales funnel. PAR prefers to invest a majority of the funds in demand generating activities but will support other activities where it makes sense to your business.

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How does it work?

1.      Propose a marketing activity that you would like PAR to support.

2.      Complete a pre-approval form and get sign off from PAR.

3.      Execute your marketing activity and build lots of leads!

4.      Report back to PAR on the results of the activity.

5.      Get reimbursed for a portion of your investment!

Not sure where to start? You will find a list below of great marketing activities we recommend because we know they work!

PAR is invested in your business and we believe this program is designed to enable you to build awareness, gain qualified leads and win new business.

PAR Marketing Funds Guidelines

  • MDF must be approved by your Channel Marketing Manager prior to commencement of the activity. Without prior approval, MDF reimbursement will not be issued.


  • Requests should be submitted one month prior to the proposed start date of the activity. Funds are not unlimited and are at the sole discretion of PAR Tech, Inc.


  • MDF requests must be submitted by completing the MDF Pre-Approval Form.


  • MDF may be used to cover a portion of project costs but not all costs; travel and expenses do not qualify for reimbursement.


  • PAR brand guidelines must be adhered to or funds will not be reimbursed.
  • PAR’s Channel Marketing Manager must approve all campaign materials including copy, scripts and design before they are used or published or MDF reimbursement will not be issued.


  • The Channel Partners must submit MDF credit claims within 60 days of the activity completion date via MDF Claim Form.


  • Credit Claims: PAR will provide the Channel Partner MDF reimbursement by way of check.


  • PAR will not make direct payments to the contractors/vendors of the Channel Partner.


  • Lead generation: all leads generated through cooperative activities will be considered mutually exclusive unless otherwise agreed upon. Channel Partners will provide status and lead follow up reporting to PAR for ROI Measurement.


  • PAR may terminate or modify the MDF program at any time without prior notice.

PAR Recommended Activities

  • Case Studies
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Trade Shows
  • Collateral
  • Direct Mail Campaign
  • Email Campaign
  • Online Lead Generation (Google PPC)
  • Sales Contests
  • State or Local Restaurant/Industry Association
  • Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Print and Web Advertising
  • Webinars
  • Website Development

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