Sonny’s BBQ® Selects Complete PAR Solution For All 119 Restaurants

New Hartford, NY – April 23, 2015 – PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR) announced today that Sonny’s BBQ® has selected PAR’s Brink POS software, EverServ® POS hardware terminals, tablets, and service solutions for their restaurants. Sonny’s BBQ the third largest barbecue restaurant company in the country, with 119 locations throughout the southeast. Since 1968, Sonny’s has been perfecting the craft of BBQ, served in the true spirit of Southern hospitality.

Joe Tenczar, CIO at Sonny’s BBQ, recently launched the ‘68 Refresh’ initiative aimed at complete technology disruption in all of their restaurants. The foundation of the refresh program is Sonny’s desire to deploy technology as a competitive advantage and cloud-based POS software to streamline IT operations, reduce data center footprint and take advantage of open architecture to rapidly adopt new features and functionality. Customer engagement is optimized by pairing the POS software with performance oriented terminals and tablets optimized for the demanding environment. “I had the opportunity when I joined Sonny’s to create what I saw as the most innovative technology stack available today. We needed a solution that was customer facing, customer engagement focused and had loyalty built-in.” said Joe Tenczar. “We created a comprehensive RFP with an exhaustive list of solution requirements – PAR met them all, including their dedication to partnership and supporting us through the deployment and beyond.”

“Sonny’s BBQ ’68 Refresh’ initiative has much in common with PAR’s track record of designing and implementing game-changing restaurant technology,” said Karen Sammon, President, ParTech, Inc. “By selecting innovative products like PAR Brink Cloud POS and PAR Tablets, Sonny’s BBQ will be able to realize new competitive advantages and embrace new service models that will lead to better customer experiences. It is bold moves like these that will help Sonny’s BBQ further cement their position as a thought and market leader in the restaurant space.”

Brink POS Software – Using the Cloud to Achieve Competitive Advantage

“Brink was built from the customer’s perspective and then up – it was refreshing,” added Tenczar. “The cloud-based SaaS architecture not only allows the data center to be hosted off site and minimize our footprint, but the open design is completely future proof to allow for whatever upgrades come down the road. The ability to add features/functionality to the platform quickly is essential in our mission to be leaders in restaurant technology innovation; a strategy we share with PAR.”

Sonny’s BBQ will deploy Brink software with Online/Mobile Ordering, Loyalty and Kitchen Display System (KDS) modules on PAR EverServ® 500 hardware terminals and PAR Tablet 8’s. “The Loyalty and Online/Mobile Ordering features are part of the POS which allow us to create a wide variety of reward programs and deploy them at all points of guest interaction.”

PAR Tablet 8 – Enhancing Customer Engagement Through Mobile POS

Tenczar also added, “Our stores operate in a full service model. By providing our servers with mobile POS devices, our staff can spend more time engaging with our guests and providing the best customer experience possible.”

After rigorous performance and environmental testing, including a drop down a cement stairwell, Sonny’s chose the PAR Tablet 8, a mobile solution designed for hospitality and retail. The Tablet 8 was accessorized with PAR protective shields and shoulder straps to further enhance survivability and portability.

About Sonny’s BBQ®

With 119 locations throughout the southeast, Sonny’s BBQ® is one of the largest and most popular barbecue restaurant companies in the country. Floyd “Sonny” Tillman and his wife, Lucille founded Sonny’s BBQ in 1968 in Gainesville, Fla. in hopes of creating a local BBQ joint for their community to enjoy. Forty-seven years later, Sonny’s BBQ continues to be just that. At Sonny’s it’s all about Southern hospitality and having fun. It’s about being passionate and constantly perfecting the craft of BBQ. It’s about being trustworthy and dependable. It’s about making sure that when people come in for our signature BBQ, they feel right at home, just like they have since 1968. For more information and to find the Sonny’s BBQ location closest to you, please visit:

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