PAR Springer-Miller Moves Hospitality to the Cloud with the ATRIO™ Guest Experience Management System

PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. (PSMS) — a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE:PAR) and the leading provider of guest-centric hospitality management systems today announced the introduction of its next generation hospitality management system, ATRIO Guest Experience Management. The ATRIO hospitality technology platform is the most significant technology development to occur in the hospitality industry in the last 25 years.
With ATRIO, PAR Springer-Miller Systems has pioneered and delivered a new generation of technology for the hospitality industry; moving the hospitality industry to The Cloud, a new user experience, and to a new way of doing business.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
ATRIO reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for hoteliers and management companies by embracing true cloud-computing, minimizing on-property technology and introducing an innovative user experience that substantially reduces training time and increases staff efficiency and productivity. Leveraging the many benefits of Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investment in their Windows® Azure cloud platform, ATRIO delivers value from the core design principles of modularity, feature velocity and the universal use of an Enterprise Service Bus. Ushering the hospitality industry into a new technology paradigm, ATRIO is poised to rapidly become the preeminent platform in hospitality management systems.

Check into a New User Experience
ATRIO engages users with an innovative user experience. Designed by information architects and User Experience (UX) experts, ATRIO employed focus group testing to insure zero training usability across roles and user demographics. Once-complex processes become “walk up and use” simple, echoing people’s everyday experience with Bing, Google, gaming consoles or the latest smartphone app. ATRIO is internationally capable with full support for multiple languages, currencies, date formatting, taxation nuances, and cultural differences.

From “Guess Again” to “Guest Again”
Building on PAR Springer-Miller’s 27 years of experience providing guest-centric hospitality systems, ATRIO enables employees to be pro-active guest-service ‘super heroes.’ ATRIO’s unique touch-enabled user experience maximizes heads-up time so your team can focus on the guest and deliver more personalized service. The ability to run ATRIO on a workstation, tablet or mobile device delivers technology when and where you need it — improving the guest-experience while providing guest self-service opportunities.
Built for the Cloud

Purpose built to leverage all the advantages of cloud-computing, ATRIO dramatically reduces on-property technology requirements and the associated support staff. By deploying ATRIO in the cloud, sensitive data moves safely off-property, reducing risk and enhancing information security. Although purpose built for the cloud, ATRIO offers deployment flexibility and can also be installed on-premise or with some modules in the cloud. Inherent in that flexibility, comes the option to purchase the system in the traditional manner or as a service converting what has historically been an expensive capital expense to a more affordable and predictable operating expense. Hospitality organizations get to select the model that works best for them.

Superior Connectivity
At the core of the system, the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) allows for seamless integration of legacy, current and future capabilities. With the ESB and ATRIO’s modular architecture, new features can be developed and deployed more rapidly than ever before. The technology provides 24/7 availability from workstations, handhelds, tablets and browsers.

A New Way to do Business
Utilizing the integration possibilities of the ESB, PAR Springer-Miller expands on strategic relationships with the ATRIO Platform Partner Exchange (APPX). APPX represents a comprehensive program based on a shared commitment to bring greater value to the industry through more tightly integrated technologies, expanded services and capabilities, and an unsurpassed customer satisfaction philosophy. The innovative design of the ATRIO hospitality technology platform enables an entirely new level of systems integration, unmatched in the industry today. APPX expands the relationship of PAR Springer-Miller and member companies to include deeper collaboration from concept to development, integration, deployment and support of their offerings. The industry needs technology suppliers to cooperate more deeply, and APPX establishes a mutual commitment to meet this challenge.

Modularity for Flexible Growth
ATRIO is designed as a modular system allowing for quick integration of new service modules and features. The system grows as the hospitality organization grows; new modules can be added as the needs of the hotel change or new modules become available. ATRIO seamlessly integrates with third-party systems leveraging the latest HTNG standards.
From guest-centricity to feature velocity and the user experience, ATRIO is designed from the ground up to be flexible, modular, and easy to use. It will differentiate hotel brands, and allow these organizations to capitalize on advances in technology more quickly than the competition.

About PAR Springer-Miller
Since 1984, PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. has earned its reputation as the experts in the operation and development of guest-centric hospitality technology systems. The company’s pioneering SMS|Host® Hospitality Management System set the standard in guest-centric property management systems. The company also offers SpaSoft®, a dynamic activities management/scheduling software solution, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of resorts, day spas, medi-spas and health clubs. Boasting some of the world’s most exclusive resorts and hotels as customers, the company is now revolutionizing the industry with the ATRIO hospitality technology platform. ATRIO is moving hospitality to The Cloud, a new user experience and to a new business paradigm. Learn more at

About PAR Technology Corporation
PAR Technology Corporation creates and markets products that help hospitality operators around the world to better manage money, materials, people and the guest experience. PAR has provided hardware, software and services to the world’s largest restaurant chains and their franchisees for over 30 years. Today the Company’s extensive offerings include technology solutions for the full spectrum of hospitality operations, from boutique hotels and independent table service restaurants to international QSR chains, all backed by PAR’s global service network. The Company has over 50,000 installations in 105 countries worldwide. PAR is also a leader in providing computer-based system design and engineering services to the Department of Defense and Federal Government Agencies. PAR Technology Corporation’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PAR. For more information visit the Company’s website at