PAR Launches EverServ SureCheck V5 at FMI2012 Show

SureCheck’s Integrated Checklist and Food Safety (HAACP) Platform Reduces Direct Labor Spent on Compliance and Task Management Tracking by up to 60% Compared to its Biggest Competitor (Pen and Paper)

New Hartford, NY – May 1, 2012 – ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR), is launching its totally redesigned PAR EverServ® SureCheck food safety monitoring and task management solution at FMI2012 – The Food Retail Show at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, TX on May 1-3, 2012.

EverServ SureCheck is a PDA-based, automated solution that provides checklist management for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) food safety programs and employee-assigned tasks. The SureCheck V5 platform comprises three integrated technologies that are easy to use and quick to deploy: the SureCheck mobile application (running on Windows Mobile ruggedized devices), a brand-new, multi-mode wireless temperature measuring device, and a cloud-based enterprise configuration and reporting server application.

“EverServ SureCheck transforms the laborious process that food retailers and other businesses face of developing and completing checklists into a completely automated, location-based system that is easy to use, improves accuracy, and saves time,” said Scott Langdoc, Chief Technology Officer, ParTech.  “We have totally revamped the already successful SureCheck solution to be even more flexible as a crucial data gathering and compliance intelligence platform.”

Rule-based or data-driven checklists are a daily practice for almost every operational function in the hospitality and retail industries – and their frequency and complexity can present many challenges.  Ironically, most companies still use pen and paper-based checklist procedures that are massively inefficient and don’t have appropriate controls to make sure employees are actually completing the tasks accurately and on time.

EverServ SureCheck automates the full lifecycle of checklist management to help retailers, restaurants, and hotels (and many other companies in different industries):

  • Ensure employees know what tasks are required and monitor compliance.
  • Improve the efficiency of completing checklists with up to a 60% speed improvement compared to pen and paper.  A store or restaurant location with only 80 daily tasks for review and validation could save nearly $7,000 in annual labor expense.
  • Manage HACCP-driven compliance programs.
  • Improve food safety and quality by ensuring hot and cold foods meet health safety requirements.
  • Recommend corrective actions when an out of tolerance temperature or abnormal observation is recorded.
  • Maintain accurate records in a cloud-based server for compliance, reporting, business intelligence and analytical requirements.

PAR has made significant development investments in the SureCheck platform to broaden its functionality and scalability. In addition to long-established customer installations, SureCheck has recently been put into use at a large global retailer.  The two most notable improvements included in SureCheck V5 are:

  • Advanced Architecture and User Experience – For SureCheck version 5, PAR totally redesigned the application architecture and graphical user interface (GUI). Leveraging a .NET Web infrastructure and HTML5-based design elements for the new SureCheck V5 enterprise server, and a new icon-oriented UI in its latest mobile PDA application, SureCheck provides an extremely intuitive, workflow-driven user experience that reduces training time and speeds execution of required tasks.  With drag and drop checklist elements and object-centric functionality, SureCheck takes the complexity out of creating and executing any number of checklists while greatly improving the full lifecycle of checklist management for 1 to 10,000+ locations all from its cloud-based enterprise server portal.
  • New Temperature Measuring Device – The PAR EverServ® Temperature Measuring Device (TMD) is a revolutionary new hardware product from PAR that includes capabilities not available with any other temperature data collecting solution currently on the market. The TMD’s patent-pending technology allows for flexible use of any one of three integrated temperature measurement methods (probe, infrared or RFID) as well as the ability for the SureCheck mobile application to not only receive measurement data from the TMD automatically (via Bluetooth) as requested, but also for SureCheck to direct the TMD firmware to change measurement modes on-command where required by a compliance-related check.  The TMD also features a custom-integrated LCD screen for visual display of temperature information, as well as other HAACP related capabilities such as LED indicator lights and timer-based temperature capturing actions.

Product Demonstration, Availability and Information

EverServ SureCheck V5 systems will be available for demonstration at the FMI2012 Show at the Dallas Convention Center on May 1-3, 2012 in Booth #5435.

The PAR EverServ SureCheck V5 platform will generally available by the end of May through direct channels in U.S. and Canada and will be available through PAR channel partners and worldwide by the end of June.

Detailed product information is available on the EverServ SureCheck Web page.  Product photos are available in the PAR Image Library.

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