PAR Government Supports Colorado Emergency Management Exercise

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y.—May 16, 2016—PAR Government Systems Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR), announced they will be supporting the upcoming Full Scale Boulder Wildland Urban Interface Exercise, May 20-21 in Boulder, CO.  Firefighters will use PAR Government technologies during this exercise to improve the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of operations while responding to a large scale incident that involves multiple government agencies.

PAR Government will provide geospatial situational awareness and advanced collaboration tools that offer incident managers real-time access to personnel locations, fire geography and movement, weather changes and other critical information.   Such advancements in situational awareness are envisioned to increase safety of operations during rapidly evolving situations that have previously resulted in fatalities.

Wildland Firefighters will connect mobile devices to PAR Government’s mobile adhoc network (MANET).  They will use mobile apps to improve field communications through text messaging, map annotations, and geospatially referenced field reports, while receiving graphical representations of weather warnings and alerts over maps and imagery.

Employing these tools, Firefighters will collect field data and submit it to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in near real-time.  NCAR will use this data to enhance their fire behavior predictive analysis model and deliver hourly analysis back to the deployed firefighters field projecting how the fire will propagate in the coming hours.  Combined with other real-time information, such as infrared imagery, incident managers can make better informed adjustments to their operational strategy for attacking the fire.

“Our technology is addressing gaps in radio communications and situational awareness, which are critical to firefighter safety,” commented Matt Cicchinelli, President of PAR Government.  “We are now able to display and communicate the precise positioning of the crews, plot the fire’s location and movement, and update evolving escape routes, all while remaining abreast of changes in the weather.   These are game-changing capabilities with the real potential to save lives.”


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