PAR Expands Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Solutions for Restaurant and Retail

PAR adds Tablet 5 and Tablet POS to the PAR Mobile Product Family

New Hartford, NY – March 17, 2015 – ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR), announced today the addition of the PAR Tablet 5 and Tablet Point of Sale (POS) docking platform at MURTEC Booth 12. The newest offerings to the PAR mobile product family of tablets and accessories provide customers more options to address their requirements in the rapidly growing adoption of mobile POS solutions in the restaurant and retail space.

Powered by Intel® Atom™ technology for mobile performance and long battery life, and leveraging Windows 8.1 Embedded or Google Android KitKat 4, the PAR Tablet 5 is a lightweight 5” form factor designed for:

  • Mobile / table POS
  • Table management
  • Store management
  • Line busting
  • Personalized shopping experience
  • Customer tracking and loyalty

The addition of the PAR Tablet 5, to the PAR mobile product family, provides a true “hand portable” option with Internet of Things (IoT) capability, that compliments the larger 8” PAR Tablet 8 and 10” PAR Tablet 10.  The full range of form factors gives customers the optimal mix of flexibility and performance to address a broad range of mobile POS use scenarios.

PAR Tablet POS offers customers a small footprint, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and POS optimized docking platform for the PAR Tablet 8 and PAR Tablet 10. Providing multi-function capability, PAR Tablet POS, combined with either the PAR Tablet 8 or PAR Tablet 10, allows for stationary POS set-up, mobile ordering, queue busting, and kiosk implementation.

PAR Tablet POS is I/O optimized for restaurant and retail operations providing:

  • 4 x USB 3.0 ports to support connections to peripherals like printers, customer displays, and pin pads
  • 1 x 24V Powered USB port for use with devices such as receipt printers, minimizing the need for a separate power supply
  • 1 x HDMI to allow connection to secondary display
  • 1 x RJ 45 for hardwired 10/100/1000 MB network connectivity

“The addition of the PAR Tablet 5 and PAR Tablet POS underscores and reinforces our commitment to bring the best POS solutions to market for our customers,” said Karen E. Sammon, President of ParTech, Inc. “Mobile POS is one of the fastest growing trends in the restaurant and retail space and today’s announcement will help our customers provide better guest experiences in the course of their business.”

The PAR Mobile Product Family

The PAR mobile product family is a collection of business-grade tablets, peripherals and accessories designed and optimized for retail and restaurant environments.  Built with POS operations in mind, the family is comprised of:

  • Tablets

PAR Tablets come in three form factors, built on common building blocks for consistency in performance.

  • Intel® Atom™ processor for performance and long battery life
  • Option of Windows 8.1 and Google Android 4.4 operating systems
  • Multi-touch screen with stylus pen support
  • Gorilla® Glass to resist scratches and provide improved drop survivability
  • Drop and IP ratings to survive harsh retail and restaurant environments
  • 802.11, Bluetooth and NFC wireless
  • Choice of sizes optimized for restaurant and retail applications
    • PAR Tablet 10 – 10” form factor
    • PAR Tablet 8 – 8” form factor
    • PAR Tablet 5 – 5” form factor
    • Peripherals
      • PAR Tablet POS – Optimized POS docking platform for PAR Tablet 10 and PAR Tablet 8
      • Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) Smart Back Cover – The MSR supports encrypted transactions for secure payments as well as support for loyalty cards
      • Charging Cradle – Provides battery charging for PAR Tablet 10, PAR Tablet 8 and PAR Tablet 5
      • Accessories
        • Tablet shield – rubberized framing option which increases durability and adds protection from drops up to 6 feet
        • Straps – Neck and wrist straps are available for true product mobility and added security
        • Holster – Designed for the PAR Tablet 5, the holster accessory allows use of both hands and easy carrying when the device is not in use

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About PAR Technology Corporation

PAR Technology Corporation’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PAR.  PAR’s Hospitality segment has been a leading provider of restaurant and retail technology for more than 30 years.  PAR offers technology solutions for the full spectrum of restaurant operations, from large chain and independent table service restaurants to international quick service chains.  PAR’s Hospitality business also markets hotel management systems that provide a complete suite of powerful tools for guest management, recreation management, and timeshare/condo management.  In addition, PAR provides the spa industry a leading management application that was specifically designed to support the unique needs of the resort spa and day spa markets, a rapidly growing hospitality segment.  Products from PAR also can be found in retailers, cinemas, cruise lines, stadiums and food service companies. Visit for more information.