EZYield.com Completes Interface With PAR Springer-Miller

Winter Springs, Fla. — August 3, 2010 — EZYield.com, the originator of automated online distribution management solutions for the worldwide hospitality industry, announces that it has completed an interface connection with one of the hospitality industry’s foremost hotel management systems, the SMS|Host product suite from PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc.

This interface enables hotels using PAR Springer-Miller’s best-in-class hospitality management system to benefit from EZYield.com’s RezDelivery technology, which facilitates the automated transfer of reservations booked via online travel agents and other channels directly to the SMS|Host system. EZYield.com boasts an impressively comprehensive and growing roster of RezDelivery-capable channels, putting SMS|Host client hotels in front of a far greater number of potential guests.

The seamless connectivity that EZYield.com provides between third-party channels and SMS|Host systems means hotel reservations agents no longer have to worry about input errors when manually transferring reservations booked from an EZYield.com partner channel. The interface eliminates common mistakes such as reservations booked to the wrong property, incorrect guest information and omitted stay details, offering hoteliers true opportunity cost gains from time saved and customer service crises averted.

“EZYield.com’s certified interface with SMS|Host allows hotel reservation agents to spend more time dealing directly with guests, rather than focusing their attention on data entry,” says Victor Vesnaver, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing of PAR Springer-Miller Systems. “This will help improve ADR by giving reservation agents more time to offer additional services and to take care of customers’ needs. Moreover, data entry problems and lost reservations will become a thing of the past.”

Furthermore, the interface represents a noteworthy milestone in the never-ending industry effort to create the perfect guestroom inventory distribution platform, says Ed St. Onge, CEO of EZYield.com. “This is a big leap toward finally closing the distribution circle for hotels, whereby a single system can be the source of record for all reservations and the origination point for availability, rates and inventory,” St. Onge says.

EZYield.com and PAR Springer-Miller worked collaboratively on the development, testing and implementation of the XML reservation delivery integration to ensure that it meet the needs of their knowledgeable client base. Extensive quality-assurance testing by both companies has certified the integration as stable, efficient and secure.

For more information, please contact EZYield.com sales at +1 407.629.0900 (press 1), via email sales@ezyield.com or visit www.ezyield.com.

About PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. | PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of hospitality management solutions that meet the technology needs of all types of hospitality enterprises including city-center hotels, destination spa and golf properties, timeshare properties and casino resorts worldwide. The SMS|Host Hospitality Management System is distinguished from other property management systems with its truly integrated design and unique approach to guest service. The SMS|Host product suite, including more than 20 seamlessly integrated, guest-centric application modules, provides hotel/resort staff with the tools they need to personalize service, exceed guest expectations, and increase revenue. For more information on how PAR Springer-Miller Systems sets the pace in the hospitality industry, visit our website at www.springermiller.com.

About EZYield.com | Since introducing the world’s first automated channel management solution in 2002, EZYield.com has remained the undisputed leader in online distribution technology for the global hospitality industry. Today, 3,000 hotels in 75 countries utilize EZYield.com’s award-winning, advanced channel management software to streamline the distribution of rates and inventory to 500 forward distribution channels in multiple languages and 168 currencies. EZYield.com’s web-based platform and mobile friendly solutions are designed to give control of online distribution back to the hotelier, with products dynamic and flexible enough to satisfy properties ranging from 40 to 4,000 rooms. EZYield.com maintains regional offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the America’s, in order to provide continuous live support to their clients around the world. For more information, please visit http://www.ezyield.com/www.ezyield.com.