EverServ® SureCheck

Save your customers up to 60% on labor costs with EverServ SureCheck.

SureCheck’s integrated checklist and food safety (HACCP) platform reduces direct labor spent on compliance and task management tracking by up to 60% compared to its biggest competitor (Pen and Paper)

EverServ SureCheck is a PDA-based, automated solution that provides checklist management for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) food safety programs and employee-assigned tasks. The SureCheck V5 platform comprises three integrated technologies that are easy to use and quick to deploy: the SureCheck mobile application (running on Windows Mobile ruggedized devices), a brand-new, multi-mode wireless temperature measuring device, and a cloud-based enterprise configuration and reporting server application.

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In an increasingly competitive market, businesses need to run as efficiently as possible. Add EverServ SureCheck to your portfolio of product offerings and empower customers to become more productive, cut costs and improve customer service. Become a PAR Channel Partner today and provide a host of solutions that will help your customers stay ahead of the competition.

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