Consumer Study Reveals Five Key Trends on the Impact of Social Networks and Technology on Restaurant Consumers’ Dining Experience

PAR White Paper: The Dining Customer’s View on Emerging Technologies & Restaurant Operations

New Hartford, NY – March 14, 2011 – The results of a study commissioned by ParTech, Inc. (PAR) and conducted by Research Now™ to assess consumers’ views on dining and technology are revealed in its white paper: The Dining Customer’s View on Emerging Technologies & Restaurant Operations. The consumer study, an online survey completed by 1,277 consumers in U.S. and Canada, was conducted in the Fall of 2010 to assess the broad impact of current and future restaurant technologies entirely from the view of the paying customer.

“The results of the restaurant consumer survey highlight just how early technology now becomes involved in the dining consumer’s thought process and how pervasive technology is in delivering an interactive restaurant experience,” said Scott Langdoc, Chief Technology Officer, ParTech. “This validates the contention that focusing traditional investments in restaurant marketing, loyalty, and POS will simply not be enough to maintain competitive positioning and existing market share, and that those operators who broaden interactions with their consumers with advanced technologies are set up to win in a very big way.”

The influence factors that are impacting restaurant customer behavior have been expanding in number and complexity for some time. The broadest contribution to this rapid change has been the near-universal adoption of new, easy-to-use, socially-oriented technologies by consumers among all demographics.

What has been difficult to discover is which specific technologies (available to both consumers and restaurant operators) are enabling the best combination of positive dining experience for consumers and profitable operation both inside and outside the traditional four walls of the restaurant.

While there are macro-level trends that seem to apply to all the consumers in the study, it is the intriguing variances found within the lower-level respondent demographics that highlight some of the most interesting findings.

Study Highlights

Analysis of the survey results revealed five significant trends impacting the consumer dining experience, which are now detailed in the white paper:

  • A very successful shift to targeted restaurant promotions is underway
  • Technology creates proportionally more opportunities with frequent diners
  • Social networks are changing restaurant marketing – forever
  • Real-time order influence works
  • The “Millennials” demographic are influenced much differently than the average restaurant customer

Key Findings

52% of dining customers have selected a restaurant SOLELY because of an online (banner) advertisement or email offer.

66% of frequent diners (5+ times/week) would like servers to use mobile ordering technology.

42% of consumers have eaten at a previously unvisited restaurant solely because of information gathered online from user-generated reviews at sites like Epinions, OpenTable, Yelp or Zagat.

62% of respondents said they “might consider” or “seriously consider” changing their order based on a specific discount, combo, or promotional offer made during the creation of a restaurant order (via either POS terminal or server).

72% of the “Millennials” demographic (16-24 year-olds) expressed serious interest in receiving location-based restaurant offers on their mobile phones.

PAR sees broad revenue and profit growth possibilities for those operators willing to recognize that the standard rules have changed – and that a new business strategy combined with the latest supporting technology will be at the heart of staying ahead of these changes. We call this IT-led market vision Boundless Hospitality™. The resulting analysis from this study of dining consumers validates PAR’s Boundless Hospitality vision and shows conclusively that technology’s impact on the restaurant consumer is more effective and valuable than ever.

Download the White Paper

The Dining Customer’s View on Emerging Technologies & Restaurant Operations white paper features many more interesting findings – including graphs and analysis – on the results of the restaurant consumer study. To download the white paper, visit:

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