BurgerFuel® Worldwide Completes Deployment of PAR Technology’s Point-of-Sale Solution

The PAR Solution Includes PixelPoint® Point-of-Sale Software and PAR’s Industry Leading Hardware and Services

BurgerFuel’s rapid expansion required a new POS solution, with ability to support worldwide operations and power to scale

New Hartford, N.Y. – August 25, 2016 — ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR), announced today that BurgerFuel® Worldwide has completed their deployment of the PAR PixelPoint® POS solution, EverServ® 7200 terminals, and PAR peripherals within 83 BurgerFuel restaurants, globally. BurgerFuel® Worldwide (NZAX: BFW) is a New Zealand-based gourmet burger concept with a presence in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, New Zealand, and Australia. Centrally managing the brand and maintaining consistency across multiple countries was a key goal throughout the process and implementation.

With rapid expansion after its IPO, BurgerFuel® Worldwide recognized an opportunity to streamline business functions and communications. A customer-centric operation, BurgerFuel set out to identify a POS solution that could not only scale at BurgerFuel’s aggressive rate, but also evolve with their ever-changing customer needs and market trends. A global partner was sought after that could understand BurgerFuel’s unique challenges and aptness to support rapid growth.

PAR’s PixelPoint® HeadOffice Enterprise was chosen as the POS software solution for its ability to support the brand’s international expansion strategy. PixelPoint offers flexibility for processing international EMV payments and a fiscal framework that expedites global deployment, including an EFT integration with Payment Express as part of pilot testing. The software has been installed on PAR EverServ® 7200 terminals due to their ability to meet compatibility, as well as brand aesthetic requirements.

“PixelPoint has adapted and scaled with us. BurgerFuel has a mixed model depending on country. PixelPoint allows us to maintain service levels regardless of the sale type, dine-in, takeaway, phone order, internet order, drive-through, and delivery,” said Sean Munden, Chief Information Officer of BurgerFuel Worldwide. “BurgerFuel looks at the relationship with PAR as a partnership that continues to grow. With ongoing discussions and support, the BurgerFuel brand continues its plans to grow globally, with the PixelPoint POS software.”

BurgerFuel can now provide better service experiences for guests, while streamlining international variations in operations and maintaining regional compliance requirements. BurgerFuel’s IT team is now able to make a single, centralized system change that automatically updates all stores, while maintaining regional requirements as necessary. Management utilizes the centralized reporting feature, allowing for quicker decisions, supported by near real-time metrics.
“Restaurants are requiring their in-store technical solutions provide a consistent approach to multi-nation store outlets and local currency requirements. PixelPoint HeadOffice Enterprise is that specific global solution with flexibility, scalability and administrative control to optimize operations for rapidly-growing multi-national companies, like BurgerFuel,” said Karen E. Sammon, President and CEO of PAR Technology Corporation. “PixelPoint is able to deliver a targeted on-premise solution to meet specific international technology requirements. PAR’s software is intuitive, easily configured and scalable. Our current installation base spans 110 countries worldwide, giving us the knowledge and experience to support a customer like BurgerFuel during their continued global expansion. We are pleased to add BurgerFuel to our extensive list of global restaurant customers and supporting their business for years to come.”

About BurgerFuel
BurgerFuel Worldwide (BFW) is a New Zealand gourmet burger concept and is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZAX). Connect with them at burgerfuel.com, @BurgerFuel and Facebook.

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