Many Customers are Benefiting from New PAR EverServ QSR Suite

Carl’s Jr., Burger King, Hardee’s and SIP Coffee

New Hartford, NY – March 16, 2011 – ParTech, Inc. (PAR) announced today that several customers are currently benefiting from new PAR EverServ® QSR suite. The key benefits sited by restaurant operators include: faster order-taking, easy to use and train employees, extremely reliable, easy to deploy and a simple process to maintain menu databases. Operators are also impressed with the system architecture that will enable and simplify the process of adding new capabilities in the future. First deployed in July 2010, EverServ QSR is installed at many restaurant sites and is now generally available.

Carl’s Jr. (SL Investments)

SL Investments has deployed the new PAR EverServ QSR system in all 37 of its Carl’s Jr. locations in the Las Vegas, Nevada metropolitan area. The Carl’s Jr. POS solution features PAR EverServ QSR running on PAR EverServ 6000, EverServ 2000 and Gemini terminals, and is integrated with all of the new PAR EverServ software solutions, including Back Office, Enterprise Configuration Management and Operations Reporting. The system provides real-time connectivity to the robust and reliable ePic® solution kitchen display software and hardware from QSR Automations® and HyperActive Technologies and Delphi order confirmation boards used for drive-thru service to maximize productivity, profitability and guest satisfaction. SL Investments also tapped PAR to manage the implementation and provide ongoing maintenance services for its Carl’s Jr. locations.

“The PAR EverServ QSR POS system has significantly improved our speed of service and provided new ordering flexibility, all while increasing the reliability or our POS environment,” said Bill Thorson, Vice President Facilities/IT, SL Investments. “We are excited to have all our restaurants in the Las Vegas area operating on PAR EverServ QSR and expect it to provide even better operating efficiency and guest satisfaction in the future.”

Burger King (Furmans)

Furmans has deployed the new PAR EverServ QSR system in one of its 31 Burger King locations and plans to roll-out the new system to its other locations. The Furman’s POS solution features PAR EverServ QSR running on PAR ViGo terminals. The EverServ QSR application is integrated with two other PAR EverServ modules to provide a complete enterprise POS suite: PAR EverServ Operations Manager and PAR EverServ Operations Reporting. The system is also integrated with PAR’s Kitchen Video System (KVS). Furmans also utilized PAR to manage the implementation and provide ongoing maintenance services for its Burger King restaurants.

“The new EverServ QSR system’s architecture provides us the foundation to enable future customer-centric business initiatives that will improve our customers’ experience,” said Jennifer Fairly, Director of Operations, Furmans. “We are now prepared to add new features such as online ordering, digital menu boards and tablets for line-busting.  We are well positioned to quickly adapt our operations to the constantly changing customer requirements and expectations.”

Hardee’s (OTAC)

OTAC has implemented the new PAR EverServ QSR solution at one of its 21 Hardee’s restaurants with plans to roll-out the system to its other 20 locations this year.  The first location in Easton, MD migrated from PAR EverServ Heritage POS software (formerly known as InFusion) and leveraged existing hardware: PAR POS 4 XP terminals, Epson thermal printers and PAR KVS.

“Upgrading our previous PAR system to EverServ QSR was very straight-forward, and our management staff and cashiers adapted to the new functionality very quickly,” said Fred Mattes, Director, Physical Facilities, OTAC. “Our deployment went very smoothly and we were able to use our existing hardware, which reduced our initial investment. The reliability of the PAR system and its fully redundant application and standalone capability helps us maximize up-time by enabling the system to operate even in a downtime scenario. We have also been impressed with how easy the system is to use and how it makes order-taking even faster than before.”

SIP Coffee House

The SIP Coffee house POS solution features PAR EverServ QSR running on two terminals: PAR EverServ 6000 and 6000 LP (low profile). The system is integrated with the ePic® solution kitchen display software and hardware from QSR Automations® , which fully automates the order fulfillment process and eliminates the need to shout orders to the kitchen. PAR leveraged key channel partner Prism Data Systems to assist with the implementation and provide ongoing maintenance services for SIP Coffee House.

“The PAR POS system has dramatically improved the efficiency of our restaurant environment, resulting in an enhanced customer experience and improved control of our operation’s profitability,” said Lauren Stanley, Owner, SIP Coffee House. “As an owner operator, it is great to have the same caliber POS system that large organizations have at a price point that is reasonable for independent operators. We are very impressed with how quickly we implemented the system and how easy it was to train our staff.”

About PAR EverServ QSR

Leveraging its rich technology and industry expertise, PAR has totally redesigned its QSR software to meet the changing needs of restaurant operators and leverage the latest technologies. Built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), PAR EverServ QSR is designed as an enterprise platform with an open architecture which makes it: simple to integrate, quick to configure, fast to implement, easy to support and highly available.

EverServ QSR is designed for any operation size – from a single unit operator to the largest organization and their franchisees. EverServ QSR features time-saving order taking functionality, including extensive modifier, combo and conversational ordering capabilities. With advanced suggestive selling tools and integrated marketing/order confirmation displays, QSR helps you generate incremental sales. Some of EverServ QSR’s many benefits include:

  • Increased Order Speed – With the industry’s best conversational ordering feature (order logic is based on the way guests speak), EverServ QSR enables users to increase order speed, shorten lines and reduce training times.
  • Improved Staff Efficiency – Designed with input from a human factors engineer (user interface expert) to minimize keystrokes, EverServ QSR helps reduce transaction times and speed service to customers.
  • Increased Sales – EverServ QSR’s powerful suggestive selling and up-selling rules engine makes it easy for staff to enter add-on sales and generate incremental sales.
  • Improved Decision Making – Management is equipped to make better decisions with advanced reporting and analysis offered by EverServ QSR’s comprehensive sales data.
  • Improved Reliability – With EverServ QSR’s fully redundant application and standalone capability, the system can continue to operate in a downtime scenario.

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